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Running stored procedures from QTP

Running stored procedures from QTP 

Public Function BIP_sqlRunStoredProcedure (sSProcName, sParameter1, sParameter2, sParameter3)

‘ Create the database object
Set oADO_CMD = CreateObject(“ADODB.Command”)

‘Get connection string
sConnectionStr = Environment(“SQL_ConnectionStr”)
‘ Activate the connection
oADO_CMD.ActiveConnection = sConnectionStr

‘ Set the command type to Stored Procedures
oADO_CMD.CommandType = 4
oADO_CMD.CommandText = sSProcName

‘ Define Parameters for the stored procedure
‘ The order of input output values is the same order as defined in the stored procedure

‘Based on the qty of parameters (if any) for this sproc …
‘This maps to the [optional] aspect of the function – not all sprocs have parameters.
‘Note – in the ADO object model / Parameters collection (0) is reserved for the return value; the first parameter therefore is (1).
If “” <> sParameter1 Then
‘ Pass FIRST input value [optional]
oADO_CMD.Parameters(1).Value = sParameter1
‘msgbox oADOConnection.Parameters(1).Name +vbcr+ oADOConnection.Parameters(1).Value ‘DEBUG

If “” <> sParameter2 Then
‘ Pass SECOND input value [optional]
oADO_CMD.Parameters(2).Value = sParameter2
‘msgbox oADOConnection.Parameters(2).Name +vbcr+ oADOConnection.Parameters(2).Value ‘DEBUG

If “” <> sParameter3 Then
‘ Pass THIRD input value [optional]
oADO_CMD.Parameters(3).Value = sParameter3
‘msgbox oADOConnection.Parameters(3).Name +vbcr+ oADOConnection.Parameters(3).Value ‘DEBUG
End If
End If
End If

‘ Execute the stored procedure

‘Clean up objects
Set oADO_CMD = Nothing

End Function

  Source: Mercury Forum’s KB articles


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  1. we want to get the connection string from Environment or datatable, but it has db password and has to be secure. I don’t see a way to encrypt the string before storing it on datatable etc, and then have it encrypted after we get the connect string from there.
    Thanks for the great work!

    Comment by label klahr | September 4, 2009 | Reply

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