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How to do the backward compatability in QTP

 How to run the scripts in 8.2

those are recorded in 9.0 or higher


Step 1: Delete the object repository of 9.0

Step 2: open a Blank test in 8.2

Step 3: Create the shared object repository in 8.2 that should contain all the objects in 9.0 and save.

Step 4: create the action structure in 8.2 should contain the same num of actions, same names and structure as the script of 9.0.

Step 5: save the test. (From now we call this as 8.2 scripts)

Step 6: from 8.2 script copy Test.tsp file to the 9.0 script.

Step 7: copy all Resource.MTR file found in Action0, Action 1, etc to 9.0 scripts

Step 8: now u can run the scripts with little modifications if require

Author: Mohan Kakarla


February 14, 2008 Posted by | Backward compatability in QTP | , , , , , , , | 1 Comment