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update data in a database

To update information is entered into the database at runtime, you will need to add code to your script which will open a connection to the database, update the database, then close the connection. Here are the steps to do this (an example follows). 1. Create an “ADODB.Connection” object (the database object).
2. Set the connection string for the database object.
3. Open the connection to the database.
4. Execute a SQL statement.
5. Close the database connection.

Example:Set cnBiblio = CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”)

‘ Set the connection string and open the connection
cnBiblio.ConnectionString = “DSN=QT_Flight32;DBQ=C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional\samples\flight\app\flight32.mdb;Driver=C:\WINDOWS\System32\odbcjt32.dll;DriverId=281;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;”
‘ Open the connection to the database

‘ or use this method if a DSN entry was created.
‘ cnBiblio.Open(“DSN=Flight32”)

‘ Execute the update query (SQL statement)
cnBiblio.Execute “Update Orders SET Orders.Customer_Name = ‘John Doe’ where Orders.Order_Number = 1”

‘ Close the connection.
cnBiblio.Close Note: The syntax of the Update SQL statement may vary depending on the database in use. The example above uses the sample Flight32 MS Access database.

  Source: Mercury Forum’s KB articles


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