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Whats New In QTP 9.5

  • Maintenance Run Mode :

  • Repair your test on the fly, this will assists you to  adding the steps or uodating the object proprties in OR on the fly.i.e. if your object properties are changed after a new build, you just run the Maintenance Run Mode and update your OR according to that on the fly.

  • Process Guidance :

  • This is little more than more accessible help files. Maybe this is good for when you are first learning to record a test, but it doesn’t seem to add much utility.

  • Flow Pane
  • Available Keywords Pane

  • All Test Objects and functions in one handy location.Rapid test development with drag & drop.Object repository now also supports drag & drop


  • Resources Pane :

  • All resources associated with the test. You can see all your library file in this pane


  • Missing Resources Pane
  • Relative Path Helper
  • Improved Bitmap Checkpoint
  • Web Extensibility :
  • 1.Anyone can add support for new web controls

    2.Rapid development in JavaScript

    3.Solid infrastructure supplied by the Web add-in

    4.Extensibility objects are first class citizens

     5.Built-in toolkit: ASPAjax

  • Tabbed browsing :
  • Tabs identified as separate browsers.Same test compatible with tabbed and non tabbed browsers.

  • New Technologies :
  • 1.PowerBuilder

    2. Oracle − Forms 10 −Apps 12

    3.StingRay Objective Grid 10, 114. PeopleSoft 9.0•

    4.New Terminal Emulator versions

    5.NET 3.5 (beta)

  • New environments  :
  • 1.Windows Vista 64 bit

    2. Eclipse 3.2, 3.3

    3.Record on SWT

    4. Firefox 3.0

    5.Netscape 9

    Reference: HP website

    You can download QTP 9.5 on HP website  https://h10078.www1.hp.com/cda/hpms/display/main/hpms_content.jsp?zn=bto&cp=1-11-127-24^1352_4000_100__


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