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Simple Code To Check All Links


‘SCENARIO NAME  :Check all links

‘DESCRIPTION    :This code Check all links  in any web page

‘PRECONDITIONS  :This Assume that when click on Link the new page will open on  current  window but not  in new  window

‘AUTHOR    :Mohan kumar kakarla


Set oDesc = Description.Create()

‘ Retrieve HTML tag <A>

oDesc(“html tag”).Value = “A”

Set rc = Browser(“title:=.*”).Page(“title:=.*”).ChildObjects(oDesc)

num = rc.Count()’get the number of  link in a page

For i=0 to num-1

               Set rc = Browser(“title:=.*”).Page(“title:=.*”).ChildObjects(oDesc)

        ref = rc(i).GetROProperty(“href”)’get the “href”propety of the i th link

        Browser(“title:=.*”).Page(“title:=.*”).link(“text:=.*”,”index:=”&i).click’click on i th link


        title1=Browser(“title:=.*”).getRoproperty(“title”)’get the tile of the target page

        MsgBox title1

        Browser(“title:=.*”).navigate(ref)’Navigates to the url  taken from “href” property


                title2=Browser(“title:=.*”).getRoproperty(“title”)’get the tile of the tNavigated page

                MsgBox title2

                           If title1=title2 Then’condition to check for the targetted page and Navigated page

              Reporter.ReportEvent 0, “Navigated To Correct Page”,””&title1’Reports if correct


             Reporter.ReportEvent 1,””&title1,””&title2

            End If

        Browser(“title:=.*”).back’Navigates back to main page




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  2. Wow!! Thank you! I’m trying to study QTP for a week, and only with your example I understood main principles and ways of solving all my troubles!

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